“Nail-ing” it this Fall

With the unofficial end of summer almost here (aka Labor Day), fall trends are within reach! I’ve been drooling over the latest clothing trends, hair colors, and most recently: NAILS. I’m a huge fan of nail colors and while I’m a classic “french manicure” type of girl, I love the deep fall colors that have been popping up in stores.


Dark and Stormy
I’m loving these deep, dark shades- perfect for winter! Deep reds, greys, navys, forest greens, royal purples, and nearly-blacks are all great colors this fall. They match just about every outfit, particularly since fall and winter are seasons of dark clothing. These shades are really rich, so be sure to be extra careful if you paint the nails yourself- mistakes are more noticeable than the summer shades we’re used to!




Pale and Pretty
Icy whites, frosty creams, shimmery gold, and soft pinks aren’t reserved for warm weather! These colors are great for fall and winter, echoing the cold and snowy weather outside. These are a little bit more wearable than the dark colors since mistakes and chipping are more difficult to see and require less upkeep, however, you might not get the “punch” you get with the deeper colors.



And finally, my favorite: the French “twist” – a dramatic edge on the classic french manicure.





Which of these fall/winter nail trends will you be trying next?!

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28. August 2012 by Lynn
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